Anatolian Shepherds are a purebred descendant of Akbash and Kangal dogs, and date back to 2000 BC where they originated in Turkey. They are one of the most protective livestock guardian dogs. We have owned Anatolian Shepherds for 12 years, and been able to see how loyal and fiercely protective they are of their charges.

These dogs do not do well in a house without a job. They thrive on a big space to roam and guard, with animals to protect. They are also quite protective of children under their care.

Anatolian Shepherds can weigh up to 150 pounds, and are known to live between 11-13 years. 

They are incredibly easy to train, as they were bred to be fierce protectors. 

One of my favorite things about this breed is how they can easily distinguish between a dead animal that they're allowed to eat, and an animal they're supposed to be protecting. 

While these dogs are very gentle, they are easily intimidating to anyone outside their family pack and flock with their size and loud booming bark. They can be easily trained to stand down by a simple command from their owner. 

We have a female named Ciara (kee-ra), and a male named Caydran. Ciara is a beautiful brindle, and Caydran is a really pretty red fawn color. They have both been tested for hip dysplasia, and have had their rabies shots. 

We will have puppies (hopefully) in the Spring of 2023, and we intend to keep them with their mother, learning how to do their job well for a full 12 weeks before they go home.

If you are looking for a trustworthy guardian for your farm, and you feel like you meet the criteria of homes we're looking for to place our puppies in, fill out the form below.